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Structured Knowledge Working

Executives are focused on industrializing risk, compliance, finance and strategy processes to drive 50% increase in productivity and improve quality.

Our experienced team assists you in delivering KYO through structured knowledge working

Rethink automation to have Impact

 Stop thinking of automating manual task
start revolutionizing the business


Consider how Amazon approached automation

Amazon did not build humanoid robots to replace human warehouse workers. They redesigned the way the warehouse worked to maximize efficiency and cut costs.

Automation in banking, government and services sector have failed to make the big savings by not redesigning the workflows and processes to maximize gains.  This is the KYO difference

Enteruptors is transforming risk, compliance, finance in Banking, Government and the services sector to deliver dramatic improvements to business 

Manual Automation

Intelligent Automation

Automating risk, compliance and finance

Design thinking

Enteruptors consultants will use design thinking with intelligent automation to deliver “KYO” to your business whilst driving up to 50% increase in productivity.  Building in security, audit, control checks and quality control to deliver certainty in information. 

Moving from an environment of independent workers building their own processes, copying and pasting data in spreadsheets and consumed in error checking and correcting.

To a factory line environment where we industrialize knowledge working.

Structured knowledge work controls the data flow and tasks to drive real productivity.

Once you have a structured process, it is far easier to automate the process and build actionable intelligence.

Risk and Compliance Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

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