Simplify Regulate, Reduce Risk, Grow Business

Performance is not rocket science

You want software that solves problems, is easy to use and does not break the budget.

Other vendors are obsessed with being clever and want you to pay for it.

At enteruptors we focus on making you look good.

We  focus on the problem first.

Then introduce smart innovation to solve it.

A solution that is pragmatic and turns complexity into simplicity.

This is why we are successful in making you look good.

It is not that people love spreadsheets

Look around the business and consider the cost impact of spreadsheets.

We all know the risk of errors, the potential for fraud, the lack of audit and control in using spreadsheets.

Yet they are entrenched in business processes

It is not that people get a kick out of using spreadsheets.

It is just that spreadsheets fill a funtionality gap in enterprise systems.

Vendors try to make spreadsheets better with expensive tools

Enteruptors solves the funtionality gap replacing spreadsheets.

Then you get dramatic performance improvements.

Understanding the problem

Over the last few decades business has got more complicated.

Compliace, regulation, risk and strategy are a significant part of management time and effort.

Integrated reporting and prudential regulation focuses on long term sustainability, whilst ERP focuses on transaction and history.

They don’t help managers navigate the future, prevent problems and maximise opportunity.

That is why eCARIS has become important for forecasting, scenario planning, modelling and analytics.

Specialised enterprise software managing risk, compliance and planning is the future for institutions competing in the fast pace digital era.

Solving Complexity with Simplicity

Legacy does not handle complex, unstructured and fast changing data.

Enterprise systems are safe but lack agility.

Spreadsheets are quick and cheap but unsecure, risky and unproductive.

Enterupt sits half way between flexability of spreadsheets and certainty of enterprise systems.

Removing the nightmare of complex spreadsheet formulas.

Introducing audit, security, control, backup and recoverability.

Providing Enterprise systems for unstructured data.

Storing Data in one place easily accessiblle for cognitive computing

Allowing reuse of Formulas  across many reports ensuring consistency.

Managing complex secure IT environments

SaaS – On Budget – On Time

Cloud technology that drives savings and easy implementation.

Software as a Service that does not sacrifice functionality for the cloud.

On Premise or available on leading vendors secured platforms.

Encryption at rest and other security features.

Compatible with web browsers.

Available container for sites that limit browser use.

Use of latest technologies extending mobile device functionality.

Opening the door to use with other cloud technologies to maximise benefits.

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