Savvy Assessor Car Loan Bot

Car Loans essential for for work and family

We remember the story in Alabama where police found a young person walking 14 miles to work because his car broke down.  Often a car is critical for employment and they struggle when they cannot get a car loan

We are using A.I. to solve the problem and create new markers for lenders

Intelligent lending to assess character without credit reports

Introducing Savvy Assessor
A.I. approving loans that were missed before 


Campaign and Character Assessment all in one

Either as a chat bot on your website or a campaign through facebook, Savvy Assessor takes the customers through the steps to understand what they are looking for and understanding their character.

Steps through the chat process helps us to do a psychometric analysis of their personality and the potential risks 


90% Confidence of Credit Scores

Statistical analysis against those with credit reports identifice a 90% accuracy to the credit score that a lender would get from a credit report.

The advantage is that we can apply this model to those who do not have a credit report or their credit has been impacted by COVID


Calculating Possibility of Default

Through machine learning, A.I.C is able to calculate a probability of default to support IFRS/CECL provisions and to support lenders in setting pricing.

 From the Savvy Assessor website, lenders can select prospects of different risks.  Lenders still have serviceability and security steps of the loan, they just don’t waste time on poor prospects




New Markets

Psychometric Credit Score

Cloud Services

Sales Funnel