Regulatory Reporting

Transforming Regulatory Reporting

The new challengers have a Cost to income ration 30% lower than traditional banks.  They are streamling regulatory processes

Don’t just automate regulatory reporting, focus on productivity and driving value.

Regulatory reporting is an integrated component of a range of risk, compliance and finance processes.  Hence institutions will gain a greater ROI by solutions that integrate GRC and finance.

Institutions are suffering bloated cost structures from a decade of band aid solutions.  It has never be designed to be productive and resiliant.

Now is the opportunity to transform risk, compliance and strategy by implementing an enterprise solution that replaces spreadsheets, fragmented systems and disparate data sources.

It is time you dramatically cut compliance costs and add value to the business.



Basel Regulatory Returns

Basel framework, D2A, Gabriel and other regulatory returns

  • Extraction and transformation from CBS
  • Data lake of regulatory and financial data
  • Mapping line items
  • Manual data entry
  • Adjustment processes
  • Audit and control
  • Workflow
  • Reports
  • Data source validation
  • XBRL exports and submissions

Stress Testing, Forecasting and Strategy

This is where enteruptors leads the market.

eCARIS integrates rolling forecasts with the regulatory framework to produce forecast capital plans.

eCARIS can run scenario stress tests against the regulatory framework to identify capital cost.

eCARIS can provide stress tests for property devaluation, market risk, liquidity runs, product failures, defaults and more.   

KPI and balance scorecard can be seamlessly linked to dynamic forecasts and regulatory framework.

And the institution can increase staff capacity 50% and more.

Don’t invest in a standalone process just for regulatory returns.   Invest in an enterprise system that will transform risk and compliance in your institution.

Remove the high risk of spreadsheet errors and dramatically improve productivity.