Regulation, Risk and Compliance should not be so hard

Regulation in a Box

Save money, free up staff, avoid spreadsheet errors

Regulation, risk and compliance are some of the most unproductive and inefficient components of the business. They make institutions uncompetitive and restrict business.

It is time to rethink, reinvent and simplify. Stop paying premium prices to vendors and look to solutions to drive productivity and enable business.

Regulation in a box, is bringing risk, compliance and finance together in a single solution to dovetail with banking in a box solutions.

An integrated solution that brings workflow, security and audit to an unstructured part of the business.

Removing cost, simplifying and adding transparency to a difficult part of the business.

Stop thinking in silos – start thinking workflow

Save Money – Build Business

Bloated cost structures have grown from 20 years of compliance baggage/  The impact is so significant it is inflating cost to income ratios as much as 30%.

However it is how risk and compliance is inhibiting business that is of the greatest concern and is of a disadvantage in the digital banking era.

Management know they have a problem, but where to start. Risk averse management and boards are missing opportunities as they cannot assess the risk and regulatory impact. It is easier to say no.

It is critical to simplify and streamline risk, compliance and finance to avoid being left behind. To do this, requires a systematic approach.

Regulation in a box will enable you to focus on the business and know that compliance is in hand.