Perform in a Box

A suite of applications to deliver KYO to small institutions to meet planning, risk, regulation and strategic demands
Reducing Cost, Increasing Productivity, Clarifying Risk, Ensuring Compliance

Intelligent banking that increases margin and growth

Digital Regulatory Reporting РA.I. РData 
Is beyond spreadsheets and legacy


Perform in a Box uses intelligent automation to provide cloud solutions to small banks to manage all their planning, risk, compliance and finance needs. Replacing manual processes, spreadsheets and multiple vendors tools, Perform in a Box streamlines processes, cuts costs and drives productivity.

More importantly, Perform in a Box improves the data quality and provides powerful information to deliver KYO to executives. Perform in a Box gives certainty around risk and compliance so executives can focus on building business.



Remove manual intervention, copy/paste, spreadsheets

Data Quality

Systemise processes, automation, security and control

Actionable Intelligence

Systemise processes, automation, security and control


Automation provides deeper cognitive analysis with less human error


React quicker, adapt new business models.

Digital Enabled

A digital business end to end

Risk Intelligence

Predict and prevent, early identification, managed risk

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analytics, machine learning, Robo-Auditor

Integrate Regulatory and Planning Processes

Perform in a Box reuses the algorithms used for regulatory returns. The 3-year forecast can be run through the algorithms to produce a 3-year capital plan and liquidity plan. Stress tests and scenarios can be run through the same algorithms to measure impacts on capital.

Repricing integrated with planning and asset/liability

Repricing module takes current contracts and forecast contracts. A rate change can be applied at a future date and the module will calculate effect rates for the forecasted portfolio.

The repricing module can be used with scenarios to do stress tests. A liquidity crisis can be modeled by not replacing maturing deposits. This flows into forecasts. The scenario is run through regulatory algorithms to produce a liquidity plan.

Real time reporting

Know Your Organization requires real-time reporting and dashboards. If it takes weeks to deliver the information to you, it is already too late for you to benefit from.

Automation is more than removing manual tasks, it is about delivering actionable intelligence when you need it.



Regulatory Reporting

Management Reports

Multiyear Forecasting





Asset Liability Management







Stress tests

Operational Risk


Second line defence controls


Internal Audit



Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning

Policy & regulation documents