Decision Ecosystem

Enterprise Value Planning

replaces Report-Based with Model-Based


Limited Report-Based systems add little value to decision making  despite the considerable effort and cost involved.

Changing to a Model-Based system gives the CEO’s team a solution from scenarios, stress testing, and optimisation to value creation and risk avoidance.

With Model-Based systems the CEO’s team can take advantage of structured AI to get answers in seconds

Designed for the CEO


Spreadsheets became the tool to answer CEO questions, but the complexity, volume and velocity of events has exceeded the capability of spreadsheets

88% of corporations use over 100 spreadsheets in critical decisions
38% of corporations have over a million spreadsheets

                                                                                                          Forrester: Think spreadsheet risk isn’t a threat

Think of EVP as an enterprise spreadsheet on steroids without the risk of errors and the pain of administration.

Where the focus is to support a decision not create a report

 One Solution for the CEO

No more hundreds of applications to do tasks from Regulatory Returns to Forecasting

No more duplication of work and hours of reconciliation

No more copying and pasting from one tool to another

No more waiting for answers from teams of analysts

An Integrated suite of CEO related applications

Built on a complex business model

Is is not rocket science.

To understand the impact of a decision, you need a model that closely reflects the complexity of the business

EVP uses a mesa-model (not macro) which involved the detailed interactions of activities

This is why it is such a powerful system for AI to use



Remove manual intervention, copy/paste, spreadsheets

Data Quality

Systemise processes, automation, security and control

Actionable Intelligence

Systemise processes, automation, security and control


Automation provides deeper cognitive analysis with less human error


React quicker, adapt new business models.

Digital Enabled

A digital business end to end

Risk Intelligence

Predict and prevent, early identification, managed risk

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analytics, machine learning, Robo-Auditor

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