Decision Ecosystem

Converting process systems into value systems

The legacy of collecting a lot of data and employing numerous people to do jobs they do not enjoy to create volumes of reports that no one has time to read is no longer fit for purpose.

To reduce costs, increase productivity and deliver insight to people at speed so they can make the right decisions quickly needs a new generation of systems

 A System for Decisions

Spreadsheet have become the tool of choice for knowledge workers to create decision insights. There are 12 billion spreadsheet applications across the globe being used for decisions

88% of corporations use over 100 spreadsheets in critical decisions
38% of corporations have over a million spreadsheets

                                                                                                          Forrester: Think spreadsheet risk isn’t a threat

Decision Ecosystems overcome the limitations of spreadsheets and dashboard tools. Providing data quality and data granularity in a format that Artificial Intelligence can understand. Instead of fragmented systems, it is one truth of data, one point of calculations to provide consistent answers. An single point of forms and reports with audit, security and controls

One Multi Disciplined Solution

There are vendors that do rolling forecasts, regulatory returns, pricing, stress testing, reporting, etc. There are no vendors that provide one integrated solution.

By having a detailed integrated suite of applications, Decision Ecosystems can integrate artificial intelligence to a level others cannot.

Built on a complex business model

As humans we like simple models to avoid getting lost in the weeds.

Artificial Intelligence requires the detailed model and the detailed data to achieve any value. The power of a decision ecosystem is the powerful business model underlying the system.

Why knowledge workers like spreadsheets is that they can build models. Decision Ecosystems take these models to another level



Remove manual intervention, copy/paste, spreadsheets

Data Quality

Systemise processes, automation, security and control

Actionable Intelligence

Systemise processes, automation, security and control


Automation provides deeper cognitive analysis with less human error


React quicker, adapt new business models.

Digital Enabled

A digital business end to end

Risk Intelligence

Predict and prevent, early identification, managed risk

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analytics, machine learning, Robo-Auditor

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