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The demands on you border the impossible with growing regulation, privacy, risk and culture. Customers are demanding greater value and investors want growth and profits. You are competing in a digital market of rapid change, disruption and volatility. And you are expected to deliver with banal reports that tell you little.

“How can you be expected to do the impossible with business reporting of the last century?”


You have access to more smarts in you car than your office

KYO is changing this

KYO requires interactive management systems providing actionable insight
Your car has more smarts than your office. Flick on the indicator and it warns you there is a car in your blind spot. Real time risk detection. Yet decisions at work you have to manually check the blind spots for risk. 

We feed you insight in the car so you don’t take your eyes off the road. In the office you are overwhelmed with data you cannot get eyes on the business. It is time to demand better.

KYO uses intelligence systems to give all round awareness of the business. Pushing alerts to you whilst identifying dangers on the road ahead whilst identifying better routes to maximize return.

Sounds like science fiction. The technology is here to give immediate benefits focusing on areas of the business. Take the evolutionary step to success with KYB.

Get on top of your business with KYO


Bringing together your fragmented planning, reporting, risk, compliance systems so they can provide real time actionable intelligence

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Currently businesses are running multiple tools, spreadsheets and heterogenous systems that do not talk to each other.

Staff spend time massaging data between systems and align assumptions.

There is no ability to drive interactive and intelligent applications when the processes are so fragmented.

KYB is more successful with greater integration.


Align staff to positive outcomes and create a great work environment whilst identifing bad behavior in time to act.

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Knowledge workers are stressed and unhappy.  They don’t feel productive and often feel that their efforts are not acknowledged. At the same time, they have access to critical information, with limited control and audit. It is not a good mix.

 Creating structure and control provides a happier, productive workforce whilst minimizing risk of bad behaviour.

Intelligent Analytics

Executives don’t have time to search reports for hidden information. The need actionable intelligence immediately to enable them to act in time

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KYB is about providing the awareness of the business at a high level and zooming into problem areas in time to act with actionable intelligence. It takes away the endless reports created over the years to watch problem areas. It focuses on the need to know issues.

Business Optimization

KYO is critical to recognizing value and waste in the business. Identifying where to maximize returns, where to drive productivity, where to invest resources.

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We have all had the disbelief moment where boards and senior executives have canned profitable businesses and elevated poor performers. The reason, the top management are mislead by poor analytics and measures.

KYB allows management to delve deeper into performance with less effort to have a better understanding of the performance areas of the business.



Aligning risk and compliance with corporate objectives and commercial outcomes to drive more sustainable and competitive business

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GRC is moving to a tight alignment between risk, compliance and the commercial objectives and outcomes. This requires the strategic planning systems to integrate with risk and compliance which to date have operated independently.

For instance KYB integrates the regulatory reporting process with strategy, forecasting and scenarios. The forecasting process includes regulatory consequences.



Risk, planning, compliance is able to react quickly to economic change, to new products and services, to market disruption

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How often is there a conflict between the business development teams and the risk/compliance teams.  Development teams trying to innovate to build new business are frustrated by risk and compliance teams who are risk adverse.

Risk and compliance teams crumble over change. An executive bemoaned a new product at a management meeting because it would take weeks to do the capital risk assessments.

KYB replaces the inadequate systems that contribute to this problem.


Structure Knowledge Management

Information flow, politely put, is haphazard. Key grudges are poor data quality delivered too late to act. You want structure, you want insight that delivers results.

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The best way to control risk, compliance, privacy and culture is to build systems and structure around information building processes.  McKinsey research identified a 50% increase in productivity in most cases.

More critically, is moving staff from compiling reports to creating actionable intelligence.



Enhance audit and transparency

KYO opens up transparency in the business and builds greater control and audit. Key issues facing every board and management team

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The art of bureaucracy is to control the dissemination of information and facts for political advantage. Well it feels like that to most executives.

KYB is about information belonging to the company not the individual.  

Removing ownership of data requires greater audit and quality control to make sure the data is right. 


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