Intelligence Automation

Transforming Risk, Compliance and Finance

Increasing productivity by replacing costly and risky workarounds
to deliver KYO and certainty with decision intelligence 

Do you want to cut costs, mitigate risk and have compliance certainty?

KYO Delivers Immediate Results

Within months we can take an intensive task, transform it and include artificial intelligence to deliver actionable intelligence.

All at low cost and low risk.

This is the benefit of intelligence automation align with KYO.

We understand the rigor required for risk, compliance and finance.  We design audit and transparent systems to give you back control.


Do not duplicate manual process with code
Invest in technology that makes a smarter process

Intelligent Automation Drives Success

 Current process automation converts an inept manual process into an inept software program. 

If the manual process fails to identify risks, duplicating the process in code will be just as useless.

The smart businesses are replacing inept manual processes with smarter workflow and intelligence systems that enhance risk identification, streamline processes and provide actionable intelligence to decision makers.  

Intelligent Automation
removes the threat of workarounds and spreadsheets.

Data quality is a key worry for executives.
Avoid disaster and remove workarounds

Replace the costly and risky spreadsheet and workarounds with smart Apps that cut costs, increase productivity, deliver certainty and give management insight

Now you can benefit from Artificial Intelligence

90% of executive do not have confidence in the quality of data to benefit from A.I.

Data is lost, abridged and corrupted in data silos of spreadsheets and disparate tools.  It is impractical for A.I.

By moving these processes to enterprise web apps and building workflow, we build the data for intelligence automation.


A modular approach to moving to KYOand Intelligence Systems

By replacing spreadsheets and manual processes in small groups, a team of 2 people can create a smart App in weeks.  Those smart Apps are integrated on the IQ-Certain platform and combined with A.I. to deliver Actionable Intelligence.  Just like apps on your mobile phone using intelligence to drive productivity, but at an enterprise scale for your business.


Relax with Certainty

Let IQ-Certain do the hard work of assessing risk, ensuring compliance and identifying opportunity.  Get your budget under control and have certainty that information is correct.

Now sit back and execute the strategy to grow the business

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