KYO is critical for small bank success

The better you “Know Your Organisation” the more successful you are

“Perform In a Box” empowers executives to drive success with the principles of KYO combining strategy, insight, predictive analytics, risk and regulation

  • Stop wasting time on legacy reporting and compliance that tell you little
  • Start driving performance and have peace of mind with “Perform In a Box”

“Perform In a Box”

Success Stories
Credit Union able to implement pandemic strategy

The level of automation and the cloud nature of “Perform In a Box” enables remote working.

Executives are able to model delayed payments and assistance for customers impacted by pandemic measures.

How a Credit Union disrupted a FinTech

A Credit Union was losing deposits to a FinTech’s internet banking product.

The credit union used Perform In a Box to model a competitive product. They found the optimum mix of loans and deposits using multiple scenarios.

That year they won the award for best product

Small Bank margins - punching above its weight

A small regional bank with a few staff is constantly modeling Asset Liability Management, Repricing, and applying Stress tests to fine-tune products and rates.

They are able to maximize margin in a highly competitive market. They were ready for big rate cuts from the coronavirus

EOY reporting and returns completed in 3 working days

Perform in a Box automation allowed a small credit union to complete EOY, quarterly returns and financials within 3 working days.  Auditors were in within the second week.

Staff were freed up to focus on business development and identifying opportunities

Regulators let a Credit Union grow 100% in the middle of financial crisis

In 2007 a credit union expected 100% growth in 12 months due to a Government incentive for enlisted defence personnel.

Regulators were concerned of the risk of such growth in the middle of the Financial Crisis.

Perform In a Box produced 10 year forecasts and multiple stress test scenarios to prove to  regulators the growth was sustainable.

Since then the credit union has grown 500%

Benefit from the Power of integrating planning and strategy with risk and regulation

  • Stop the lost productivity and cost of manual processes, spreadsheets, and fragmented systems
  • Start winning with lower costs, increased productivity and greater insight from an integrated solution

Benefit from A.I. automating complex tasks so you can focus on driving business

  • Reggie the A.I. assistant does most of the work for you.
  • Ask Reggie “reprice a rate change in 4 months for certain products” and Reggie will do hours of work in seconds for you.

Helping you to Simplify the complexity 


Complexity, compliance, pace and disruption has exceeded human ability to assess all factors at speed


We apply Meso principles to decode the links between macro level management and the micro level activities at the coal face. Removing complexity and giving you insights to your business.


How the Intelligent Advantage benefits small banks

Lee wanted to know the optimum rate to be competitive and maintain margin

Reggie helped her model the best rate using big data and forecasted contracts

Amy did repricing in minutes what took many days a month.

She asked Reggie “Increase rates by .25% for 3 month term tier 4 in Nov 20”

Peter went down with the Flu and the regulatory return was due

Reggie completed the task and the return was lodged in time.

Helen asked for the preliminary budget in a week

Ravi presented it to her in minutes with Reggies continuous planning

Jose needed to know if they could survive a property price collapse

Reggie told him in minutes with A.I. supported stress testing

Yes we did everything before the smart phone, but the productivity leap was huge.

This is the paradigm shift of Perform In a Box. Intelligent systems driving performance, increasing productivity, identifying opportunity and allowing you time to look after the member and drive growth.


Enterprises systems fail to deliver the last mile for risk, compliance and finance requirements, staff resort to hundreds of workarounds mostly on spreadsheets

Removing the threat of spreadsheets and workarounds

  • Remove exposure to material risks.
  • Remove the productivity challenges
  • Remove the causes undermining data quality

You cannot Know Your Organization when it operates in the dark with spreadsheet hell. Replacing spreadsheet with intelligent business applications not only cuts cost and risk, it delivers actionable intelligence to business leaders.

We make your organisation smarter so you can deliver the results

Automating an outdated process is not the answer!

We deliver KYO to re-engineer business activities with Meso principles and rapidly build smart applications to drive better business.

Building in audit, security, control, artificial intelligence.

To drive productivity, cut costs, give certainty, improve data quality and most importantly to give you insight in how to drive growth and profit

       * McKinsey: structured knowledge working increases productivity 50% in most cases.

Building cloud apps to evolve your business into the digital era with proper data driven decision making supported by artificial intelligence

Quick, Low Cost, Low Risk

We’ve Got You Covered

Intelligence Automation

Building smart applications to deliver actionable intelligence to decsion makers.

Structure Knowledge work

50% increase in productivity by structuring knowledge working to be more industrialised.

Regulatory Intelligence

Automating regulatory reporting, enhancing audit, building value integrating into other apps.

Audit and Control

Using machine learning, bots and predictive analytics to raise auditing to the digital age.

Compliance and Risk

Using smart apps and intelligent automation to enhance risk and compliance

Team Training

Training knowledge workers in smarter working to streamline processes and  improve quality.

Artificial Intelligence

Building machine learning into applications to create intelligence automation.

Financial Modelling

Integrating regulation, risk, forecasting and finance into predictive models

Solutions for small and large business

Enteruptors provides cloud solutions like “Reg in a Box” to small financial institions and more sophisticate modules to large corporates such as second line defence risk management.  Intelligence automation benefits organisations of all sizes.


We Make it Easy to Transform Risk, Compliance and Finance

Risk and compliance has been an organic process of reacting to decades of regulatory change.  Workarounds have been bolted onto other workarounds creating a nightmare.  Through a modular approach and A.I. we are able to transform processes at little cost and little risk.

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