Empowering Credit Unions/Mutual Banks

“Perform in a Box” designed for credit unions/member-owned banks.
We understand the co-operative business model and unique needs.
Growing capital from profit by fine-tuning margin and reducing costs.

Challenging market

  • Disruptors changing markets
  • Loan growth is often at the sacrifice of margin.
  • 10% of operating expenses cover risk and regulation.
  • Administration costs continue to grow.
  • Data quality is a headache.
  • Time wasted on reconciling inconsistencies between reports.
  • Lost productivity of spreadsheets and BI Tools that provide limited value
  • Money is more expensive for smaller institutions.
  • Risk and compliance create hurdles for business development and innovation.
  • How ready was your institution for the Coronavirus?


  • Real-time Asset Liability Management to optimize margin
  • Real-time ALCO modeling
  • Automated Regulatory Reporting
  • Scenario planning to model strategies
  • Automated reporting
  • Enhanced forecasting and budgeting
  • A.I. assistant to do time-consuming tasks
  • Actionable intelligence
  • A better understanding of the business


  • 50% increase in productivity in risk, compliance, finance
  • Staff freed up to focus on business development
  • Slash costs and replace several vendors with one solution
  • Increased margin
  • Capital growth
  • Greater resilience
  • Improved risk management
  • Detailed planning

South West Credit is a small regional credit union punching above its weight. In this time of shrinking margins, limited capital and a tight market for deposits; they needed systems to identify optimum strategies for growth and manage regulation

SWC is benefiting from cost savings and productivity. Where key staff is freed up to focus on members and business development. Where management has peace of mind that regulation, risk, and compliance is covered.

The BIGGEST BENEFIT – is the ability to model the business in real-time to get the best pricing to deliver the greatest return. Running multiple scenarios, they have plan A, B, and C ready to go when markets change.

Intelligence is becoming more important than size!