About enteruptors

We enable enterprises to become disruptors by empowering executives through “Know Your Organization”

Our Approach to Computer Aided Decision Making is Building Quality

Data quality is a key concern for executives. Without quality data, A.I. and intelligence automation cannot work. The main contributor to data quality problems is the workarounds and spreadsheets. When 20% of large companies in the UK have suffered material losses from spreadsheets, one has reason to be concerned. We build applications and workflow that build data resilience that we can then build intelligence systems on top of.

Our Awesome Team

David Jordan

David Jordan


30 years of international experience in strategic systems, risk and compliance in mining, shipping, banking, manufacturing and Government
Jan Rautenbach

Jan Rautenbach

Business Development

30 years experience in digital marketing strategy, B2B lead generation, Inbound and Outbound marketing using A.I. to build business.
Kris Babicci

Kris Babicci

Banking Expert

Kris has held senior executive positions across Australia, India, Asia and the middle east, including CEO roles.

Our Values

Empowering executives with quality, timely and actionable intelligence that delivers real value to the business.