Enhancing your

DX – Decision Experience

Is key to

Resilience, Agility, Growth, Profits

If you want success in a tightening economy then empower your people

Give them the environment that they can excel in

$2bn of new business for sauce vendor
A reason to think differently

Campbell Soup identified that a third of Americans liked chunky tomato sauce.
How could they find this when they had never sold chunky sauce, they had never asked and no customer told them?

People are your greatest asset and they are wasted on regurgitating reports instead of observing, asking questions, analysing and creating opportunity.

Decision Ecosystems
Creating decisions not reports


You do not get the bus timetable from google maps, you get when the next bus comes. Expect the same in your business.

We have created a costly culture of documenting and reporting that drowns us in data and starves us of insight

A decision ecosystem creates value at every point of the business from regulatory reporting, to risk management, to front line staff where they create decision artefacts, not reports.

What does that mean. “”I want to know why a customer did not buy a product rather than know who did buy my product””

Quick Wins Small Investment

“Transform in stages with immediate value”

30% of corporations have over a million spreadsheets and micro applications involved in the decision process.  The decision ecosystem model allows you to target projects that get immediate value and stage transformation over time.

enteruptors has generated ROI in months from its decision ecosystem platfom.

Data Governance and quality

84% of CEOs do not trust the data they use for decisions

                                                                  KPMG’s “2016 Global CEO  Outlook”

End User Computing is increasingly exposed to data quality, errors, and privacy.  A quick solution by knowledge workers in the USA to record COVID vacination details using Microsoft power tools exposed 35 million employees private health data.

Decision Ecosystems are solving data governane, audit and security to meet regulatory compliance and giving executives more confidence in the quality of data

Reinvent Knowledge working 

No more compiling reports – They integrate with A.I. to drive decisions


A.I. assisted decisions are cheaper, simpler and more powerful with structured knowledge working.

Your business structure is designed to produce information.

Everyday you receive alerts and reports in a volume you cannot consume.  Critical insight is lost in noise or delivered too late without context.

A decision ecosystem is a business structure designed to give decision makers what they need to know, when they need it, to maximise outcomes. To qualify, quantify, analyze, predict. To bring risk and regulation under control.

Where every process and every person is focused on outcomes not reports.

Low Risk, Low Cost, Minimal Disruption

Easy to adopt

Cloud solution that seamlessly connects to your existing systems causing zero disruption to your current operations.

Simple to use

An intuitive and user-friendly platform that is aligned with your current way of working and requires minimal training.

Cost effective

Save costs and enhance productivity by eliminating manual work, human errors, spreadsheets audits and external consultants.