Ignite the Potential with

Enterprise software

designed for CEOs

EVP - Enterprise Value Planning for Financial Institutions

Giving the CEO team the resources to deliver to market, regulator and investor expectations,
whilst managing risk and compliance in a volatile, complex and uncertain market.

We embed risk and regulatory reporting into planning systems and results generation.

Systems and reports
are designed for finance and operations.

Not for the CEO!


The CEO has different demands

The CEO has to navigate uncertainty, find value, deliver returns, avoid future risk, satisfy regulators, develop strategy and more.

These are not the same demands as finance and operations, who are focused on the current running of the business.

For too long, vendors have ignored the different needs of the CEO’s office.


The CEO relies on the worst tools in the institution

The most important activities for value creation, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance use simplistic and isolated tools. From specialist tools, to BI, to thousands of spreadsheets.

90% of technology spend is on operations and finance, leaving the CEO team with little to work with.


Non-Revenue work creating risk and adding little value

A large part of bureaucracy is to create volumes of reports about what happened yesterday which is of little use to the CEO wanting to know what will happen tomorrow.

 This unproductive work is hated by employees.  The limitations of poor-quality tools lead to errors, omissions and wrong conclusions.

Enterprise Value Planning is critical for banking

Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse did not get into trouble for a failure of operational systems.

Yet 90% of the technology budget is for operations.

EVP tackles the under investment in risk, regulation and results generation that compromised banks in the first half of 2023.

It is no longer a report to the regulator or a check box to the board.

The financial markets and regulators want to see stress testing, scenarios, optimisation, agile planning and more. 


84% of CEOs do not trust the data they use for decisions

                                                                  KPMG’s “2016 Global CEO  Outlook”

The Threat of the Citizen Developer

End Users of companies including American Airlines, Ford, NY City Public schools exposed 38 million health records to the internet using tools and controls outside of the operational systems of the business.

The CIOs biggest exposure to data privacy and security are from those in the CEOs office who are doing the best they can with inadequate tools and processes


A.I. assisted decisions are cheaper, simpler and more powerful with structured knowledge working.

Your business structure is designed to produce information.

Everyday you receive alerts and reports in a volume you cannot consume.  Critical insight is lost in noise or delivered too late without context.

A decision ecosystem is a business structure designed to give decision makers what they need to know, when they need it, to maximise outcomes. To qualify, quantify, analyze, predict. To bring risk and regulation under control.

Where every process and every person is focused on outcomes not reports.

Low Risk, Low Cost, Minimal Disruption

Easy to adopt

Cloud solution that seamlessly connects to your existing systems causing zero disruption to your current operations.

Simple to use

An intuitive and user-friendly platform that is aligned with your current way of working and requires minimal training.

Cost effective

Save costs and enhance productivity by eliminating manual work, human errors, spreadsheets audits and external consultants.