Remove spreadsheet risk from fiscal responsibility

Powerful suit of applications for regulatory reporting, risk, compliance, financial management that saves money
Creating a digital agile business that drives growth and margin

Interview by Sky News Chloe James on how enteruptors is making a dramatic difference to middle tier financial institutions

 Stop legacy GRC and Financial processes
making you a dinosour in the digital era


Manage Velocity

  • Quickly respond to disruption and competition
  • Stop reacting to the past, start predicting the future
  • Stop manual compilation, start productive business development

Manage Complexity

  • 1 in 5 corporations suffered material losses from spreadsheets
  • Humans can’t cope with all the variables at speed
  • Simplify complexity to clarify risk and opportunity

Its brilliantly simple, no risk and won’t break the budget

Transforming Risk, Compliance, Finance and Strategy

The quicked way to drive dramatic savings, build growth and increase margin is to get risk, compliance and financial processes under control.   You don’t have time for archaic systems and manually intensive processes.   You need proper systems.


Consider the time, money and effort spent doing compliance, risk and financial reports.  How useful is the information.  How does it benefit the customer.  It is time you turned this dead end cost into business benefit:

  • Stop Compliance being your largest non-productive operating costs.
  • Stop the fines, process costs and people costs
  • Stop unproductive compilation of reports and returns
  • Stop the high level of errors and exposure to fraud.

“JP Morgan bankers never expected a spreadsheet error would cost them $6Bn”

Research identified 90% of spreadsheets have an error.

Societe Generale $6.7Bn fraud hidden by rogue trader manipulating spreadsheet reports to management.”

Spreadsheets lack audit trails and controls.

You can no longer afford the fragmented systems, spreadsheets and manual processes.

Start getting results

When you transform risk, compliance and finance with proper business systems.  You:

  • Increase staff capacity by up to 60%
  • Drive Cost/Income ratio cuts of up to 30%
  • Don’t have to strip budget or resources from high value areas

It is not just cost, it is performance improvement as well

  • You create a lean, agile business more responsive to the market
  • Your focus can be on what will improve the bottom line
  • You gain insight into new revenue streams
  • You can sleep at night knowing certainty

Compliance, risk and planning is a massive drag on company resources: restricting strategic and commercial flexibility; and revenue opportunities.

Remove this, and the business is free to pursue what’s really important: sustainable, valuable, manageable transformation.

The results will quickly follow.  Reduced costs, increased margins, happier staff, new revenue streams, increased competitiveness and happier stake holders

eCARIS: Enterprise suite of applications

enterprise Compliance, Analytics, Risk, Insight, Strategy.

eCARIS is an enterprise suite of applications that free up budget and your people to concentrate on identifying opportunities and building revenue, you create the space for your strategy to work to its optimum, and continue evolving.

Enteruptors is easy to deploy, activate and manage, at a fraction of the cost of your current compliance and risk spend.

If you are looking at a solution that just automates compliance you are looking at the wrong solution.  You need to fix todays problem whilst building tomorrows opportunity.

Invest in performance that also solves compliance.

Don’t cut compliance, do it better

In the past out of urgency, compliance was done at any cost and now businesses are paying the price for it.

By streamlining and automating processes, we are making the processes more efficient.

We are doing the same compliance, risk and planning processes but in dramatically less time.

But there is more

Staff are overwhelmed exposing business to errors and missed actions.

Stop the errors and free up staff y using technology to do the churn and let staff focus on checking, analysis and investigation.

We already have compliance systems

You cannot drive down costs by a further 30% rthrough incremental improvement of legacy systems and processes.

The last decade has seen dramatic change in the market place and in regulation.

Legacy systems are no longer fit for purpose.

There is no more gain that can be achieved with legacy systems.  You need to reinvent and re-engineer those systems to drive new and dramatic performance improvements

Bulld the intelligent business of tomorrow

We all here about the hype of machine learning and artificial intelligence.  It will be key to the future of the business, but how, what and why?

Your business is moving into the digital era and that is shifting the technology goal posts.

Competitors are already working on cognitive systems to give themselves an advantage.

When you think of digital disruption, it is not a mobile app, it is a new business model.  Cognitive computing is becoming a key part of those new business models.

Competitors are using machine learning to manage scale without increasing staff.

Cognitive computing will deliver a transformational change to the business and you cannot achieve it with legacy systems designed for a past era.   You need strong data practices and skills to rethink the business model.

Performance has become critical. Call us to deliver immediate results

You are under pressure to deliver transformational change and there is limited time to act.

Re-engineering risk, compliance, finance and strategy is a low cost and low risk investment that can deliver immediate results and set your business up for the future.

Compliance is your largest operating cost and your largest threat.  Fixing this nightmare will deliver huge saving and peace of mind.

Call us today and see the results.