Protecting business from the threat of weak risk, compliance and finance systems

Replace the cost, risk and data quality associated with spreadsheets and manual processes

Don’t be in denial – spreadsheets are career destroyers

  • 20% UK corporates suffered financial losses
  • JP Morgan $6bn trading loss
  • £500m collapse of Conviviality
  • Boeing email 27,000 staff details to wife – GDPR implications


Stop being exposed to operational risk and cost

– Lost productivity – $16K pa/spreadsheet
– Probability of error – 90%
– Possibility of Material losses from errors – scary.

Stop losing opportunities for grow and profit

Your compliance processes are no longer fit for purpose in the digital era and it is costing you growth and profit.

Start being the disruptor in your market

Incremently move unproductive spreadsheets and fragmented systems into an enterprise web based solution.

  • Increase staff capacity
  • Cut costs
  • No more errors and hidden surprises



Its brilliantly simple, no risk and won’t break the budget

Taking knowledge workers into the digital era

You know how productive mobile apps are in your personal life.   How they have changed your life.

Now imagine that same productivity for the quagmire of planning, risk, compliance and reporting activities.

Revolutionary approach to productivity

Tired of vendors throwing technology solutions at you.

Tired of vendors telling you what your problems are instead of listening.

Enteruptors – “We get you” – We understand life is not perfect, that there are competing priorities, that budgets are tight.  We understand business and we know what is import for profit and growth.

We provide a solution that quickly fixes the nightmare of spreadsheets and fragmented systems.  We give you confidence that information is right. We give you insight you never had access to and we drive savings you would not have imagined.


We deliver solutions like Reg in a Box

A suite of applications that enable small financial institutions to get up and running quickly with little cost.  

One solutions with integrated applications, where staff no longer copy and paste between application and no more mistakes despite staff spending half the day looking for errors.


  • Multi-year forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Repricing
  • Portfolio planning
  • Stress Testing
  • Scenarios
  • Regulatory returns

Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Legacy applications do not allow businesses to tap into machine learning, predictive analytics and artifivial Intelligence.

Converting spreadsheet apps to RegTech Apps on eCARIS opens those applications to the AI platform.

Enteruptors is working on using A.I. to enhance productivity and streamline processes.   Such as using maching learning to do deep dive audit.